Hypervalue Carbon SPE (Screen Printed Electrode)


Our Hypervalue Carbon SPEs offer the best value for money. Fabricated by Zimmer & Peacock, these SPEs feature a 3 electrode configuration on a 0.3 mm thick white PET substrate.

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Hypervalue Carbon SPEs

Our hypervalue carbon SPEs are ideal for early stage electrochemical research, since they offer the best value for money. With a plastic PET substrate, these SPEs are flexible and best suited for room temperature applications.

These high quality sensors enable scientists and technicians to develop electrochemical based assays.


  • Screen-Printed Electrodes
  • Dimensions: 25 mm x 7 mm x 0.3 mm
  • Available in packs of 10, 150, and 300 electrodes
  • Substrate: white PET
  • Silver tracks for a highly conductive connection
  • Compatible with common, off-the shelf SPE adapters


These electrodes are fabricated onto a PET substrate with carbon as a working electrode and Ag/AgCl as both counter and reference electrodes. The printed electrochemical cell is insulated with a dielectric to ensure a reproducible electrode exposure area.

Working Electrode Shape and Dimensions

The working electrode has a rectangular shaped with dimensions of 4 mm x 1 mm.


WE materialCarbon
Surface modificationNone
BrandZimmer & Peacock
Amount of WEs1
CE materialAg/AgCl
Electrode systemCE + WE + RE
Combined RE and CENo
WE geometric area4 mm2
RE materialAg/AgCl
Support materialPET
Support dimensions7 mm x 25 mm


Further information on our hypervalue carbon SPEs can be found in their datasheet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are hypervalue carbon SPEs used for in electrochemistry?

Hypervalue carbon electrodes are used in various electrochemical experiments, including energy storage devices, electrocatalytic reactions, corrosion studies and biosensor development. They are best value on the market at the moment, thus ideal for cost-effective experimentation.

What materials are hypervalue carbon SPEs made of?

Hypervalue carbon electrodes are made of high-quality carbon, Ag/AgCl and dielectric inks on a PET substrate.

What is the maximum voltage that hypervalue carbon SPEs can handle?

The maximum voltage that hypervalue carbon electrodes can handle depends on the specific  electrolyte used. At extreme potentials, intercalation effects, as well as oxygen and hydrogen evolution, may lead to damage and destruction of the carbon electrode by delaminating and/or oxidation of the graphene layers of the graphite particles in the electrode ink. So we recommend to stick within +1.5 V to -1.5 V  vs Ag/AgCl in neutral pH conditions.

What is the shelf life of hypervalue carbon SPEs?

The shelf life of hypervalue carbon electrodes depends on storage conditions and can vary greatly, but under proper storage conditions, they can last for several years.

What are the recommended storage conditions for hypervalue carbon SPEs?

It is recommended to store hypervalue carbon electrodes in a dry and clean place, at room temperature and away from direct sunlight to maintain their performance and lifespan.

Can hypervalue carbon SPEs be used for high-temperature electrochemical experiments?

Given the temperature operating conditions of the PET substrate of the hypervalue carbon electrodes, we recommend using this product for room temperature experimentation only. Otherwise, upon heating, the PET substrate may deform and get damaged.

Should you need to perform high temperature electrochemical experiments with a carbon working electrode, we then recommend using our value carbon electrodes. This product is printed on a ceramic substrate and has a wide operating temperature range.

Are hypervalue carbon SPEs compatible with aqueous and non-aqueous electrolytes?

These electrodes have been designed for operation in aqueous electolytes. While there may be some non-aqueous electrolytes that could be used with these electrodes, we can only ensure their operation in water based electrolytes.

What is the diameter of the hypervalue carbon SPEs and can it be customized?

Our hypervalue carbon electrodes have a rectangular working electrode with dimensions of 4×1 mm.

It is possible to get bespoke carbon electrodes on request. If you are interested in custom electrodes, get in touch with us via our online contact form.

Can you provide a technical data sheet for hypervalue carbon SPEs?

Yes, a technical data sheet for the hypervalue carbon electrodes can be found here.

Pack size

10, 150, 300


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