Value Platinum Screen Printed Electrode (SPE)


Our Value Platinum SPEs offer the best value for money. Fabricated by Zimmer & Peacock, these SPEs feature a 3 electrode configuration on a 0.6 mm thick white ceramic alumina substrate.


Value Platinum SPEs

Our value platinum SPEs are ideal for those developing electrochemical assays on platinum. Our value range offers a chaper alternative to common SPEs thanks to our choice of materials for the counter electrode and its narrower design.

These high quality sensors enable scientists and technicians to develop electrochemical based assays. Especially in catalytic applications, such as fuel cell research.


  • Screen-Printed Electrodes
  • Dimensions: 25 mm x 7 mm x 0.6 mm
  • Available in packs of 10 electrodes
  • Substrate: ceramic alumina
  • Silver tracks for a highly conductive connection
  • Best suited to catalytic applications
  • Compatible with common, off-the shelf SPE adapters


These electrodes are fabricated onto a ceramic alumina substrate with platinum as a working electrode and Ag/AgCl as both counter and reference electrodes. The printed electrochemical cell is insulated with a dielectric to ensure a reproducible electrode exposure area.

Working Electrode Shape and Dimensions

The working electrode has a rectangular shaped with dimensions of 4 mm x 1 mm.


WE material Platinum
Surface modification None
Brand Zimmer & Peacock
Amount of WEs 1
CE material Ag/AgCl
Electrode system CE + WE + RE
Combined RE and CE No
WE geometric area 4 mm2
RE material Ag/AgCl
Support material ceramic alumina
Support dimensions 7 mm x 25 mm


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