Unleash the potential of biosensors with Lab-on-PCBs.

The Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) technology stack is ideally suited to develop low-cost, highly scalable biosensing platforms.

3 reasons to choose Lab-on-PCB

Fast & Economic Prototyping

The average lead time for a newly designed PCB-based biosensor is 3-4 weeks.

Microfluidics Enabled

Leak-free microfluidic systems can be embedded using PCB-based processes.

Electronics Compatible

Need 3rd party electronics? Solder them on as you would on electronics PCBs.

Avoid Corrosion

All our PCB biosensors are coated with our proprietary hardened metal.

Specifically developed for electrochemical applications, our hardened metal coating prevents underplate corrosion upon applying DC potentials.

Close Up View PCB Sensor

Start designing your Lab-on-PCB

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