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At Macias Sensors we are customer centric, for this reason, all the products that we develop are customer inspired.

As we grow, we want to understand more about our customers an what we can do to help make their lives easier. And to achieve this, we need your help!

If you could help us know more about you by filling out the questionaire below, it would really help us continue delivering the best products possible.

As you will see, we do not ask for any personal details like name, workplace or any contact details, so all the information will be anonymized.

Thanks for your cooperation!


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What describes your organisation best?
What best describes your role
In what area/s do you work in? Please select all that apply
Are you involved in purchasing/ordering any of the following? Select all that may apply
What does your organisation take into account when ordering products? Select all that apply
Have you worked with a development partner in the past?
Would you like to access/license processes to improve your products or build your business?
Do you use/read scientific publications to fulfill your duties at work
Do you publish scientific material as peer reviewed papers or application notes?
If you publish/ed peer reviewed papers, who pays for publishing fees?
If you publish/ed peer reviewed papers, what was the most painful experience from the process?
If you publish/ed peer reviewed papers, please select all the statements that you agree with
Do you work overtime?
If you work overtime, is that extra time paid?
Are you happy in your current role?
Would any of the below options that would improve your happiness at work, select all that apply

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