Metallisation Services

Because biosensors come in a variety of formats.

Working with microneedles or insertable biosensors? Our metallisation service enables biosensor developers working on 3D electrodes to use our proprietary hardened metal coating for electrochemistry.

Available Metallisations


Electrochemically inert & perfect to develop diagnostics.


Electrochemically stable & ideal for catalytic applications.


The metal of choice for reference electrodes in water.

Why choose our metallisation service?

Reduce costs. Place electrochemical metals only where needed.

3D electrodes for implantable biosensors can be bulky. While fabricating the whole electrode with electrochemical metals such as gold, platinum or silver is doable, it results in a high economic cost. With our metallisation service the precious metals are kept on the surface while the current collection and mechanical stability are provided by a more economic metal.

Why Choose Metallisation Service

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